Date Night

‘Tis the Season for Razzle-Dazzle Style

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Glimmer, shimmer and shine! Three of our favorite adjectives to use when describing party attire. The holidays give us a reason (as if we needed one!) to add a dose of extra sparkle to our style. It's as simple as choosing an accessory to amp up your look (think crystal-embellished choker! glittery clutch! metallic lamé fabric!) or go head-to-toe glam -- the rules are off the table. While classic elegance is always in vogue, all-out movie star style is the recipe for holiday glamour. Here are a few looks we've pulled together, with pieces from designer to discount. Which is your favorite?? ...Read more.

Trend Watch | The New Off-the-Shoulder for Fall

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The hands down biggest trend of the summer has been off-the-shoulder tops. This beloved style can truly be worn at any age and comes in a variety of cuts to enhance and flatter no matter what your body type. However, we are starting to feel a little "been there, done that" about the style and we're loving the NEW twist on the off-the-shoulder look -- the one-shoulder! Still sexy and far more easy to wear without fear of slipping and tugging when you move, the one-shoulder top is sure to be a new staple on the style scene. It certainly made a regular appearance on fall designer runways last spring. We've rounded up a ...Read more.

Get Party-Ready! The Social Whirl Begins

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Halloween is only a few weeks away and before you know it the holiday social season will begin. Our calendars are already filling up with performances, parties and special events. We have vowed to be prepared this year with a few "party-perfect" ensembles on hand, pre-styled and ready to dance out the door. ...Read more.