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Angela’s Lab | Winter Florals

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I love a luxe statement coat, especially when it's created from a gorgeous winter floral brocade. And, the always-feminine bracelet sleeves give me the perfect opportunity to don my leather opera gloves for an extra chic look. Here, I styled the coat for a dressy look -- ideal for work, church, luncheons, meetings, etc. However, I also love it paired with my skinny jeans or black leggings and over-the-knee boots for a more casual vibe. OR, this coat will look AH-mazing with my favorite LBD or cocktail dress and stilettos... and maybe a fur scarf or stole around my neck for a special night out. ...Read more.

Video | How to Wear Distressed Denim at Any Age

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Distressed over how to wear the biggest look in jeans since, well... skinnies?? Distressed denim is oh-so-haute and age is not a factor -- it's more about your personal style really. And, "distressed" doesn't have to mean jeans with big holes in the knees and legs, although it can be fun to wear ripped, holey denim with a pretty tailored top and heels for a change, especially if you're working on up-levelling your street style cred. Patchwork has also entered the scene as a new distressed denim look, and jeans with fringe around the bottom of the legs are a great choice for the more conservative fashionista. Looking for ...Read more.

Celeb Style Crush | Kate Hudson

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We've always envied Kate Hudson's carefree, confident, feminine style and her insanely gorgeous gown she wore to the Fendi 90th anniversary celebration is no exception. This boy mom's super-fit bod looks amazing in a midriff-baring cut. Okay, back to the ab crunches! In the meantime, we found a runway-to-reality dress inspired by Kate's that works for a variety of body types and all ages. So pretty and perfect for date night or a special event. Embrace your inner goddess! ...Read more.