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Mom Muse | Jennie Kwon

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From classical violinist to lawyer to designer of fine jewelry, Jennie Kwon doesn’t do anything halfway. This multi-talented artist set out from a young age to become a successful classical violinist. And she did, studying with some of the most highly-regarded names in the classical music world and even performing at Carnegie Hall. With the classical music world at her feet, Jennie made the decision to walk away and pursue a completely different interest – corporate law. She began this next phase of her life at a prestigious law firm, and then joined a major entertainment studio in Los Angeles. After working ...Read more.

Lust. Luxe. Less. | Re-Boot

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The new wedge bootie is so chic and super mom-friendly! Comfortable enough to run around in all day, this is the perfect update to your fall shoe wardrobe and will work for the majority of the year. ...Read more.