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GI Rescue Recipes for Kids: Pumpkin Cobbler Cake

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Fall has arrived and all of the Halloween activities have me craving pumpkin everything, from pumpkin lattes to baked goods. With our daughter still on a Low FODMAP diet, my old standby recipes won't work. So, I modified one of our favorite pumpkin desserts to meet the diet criteria and successfully turned out a healthy version. This yummy pumpkin cake is low in sugar and gluten-free, yet so delicious! The whole family gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. Happy Halloween! ...Read more.

Mom Challenge: Whip Up a Healthy Dinner with What’s in Your Pantry

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by Deirdre Hahn, Lifestyle Contributor | It was 5:00 p.m. last Sunday and I had a grumpy child on my hands. Lilly and I had just arrived home after a frenzied playdate where her friends made terrariums at a local terrarium shop called Ephemera. The store and workspace were the size of a hall closet with no less than 10 humans crammed inside. If HGTV ever makes a show about tiny stores, this place would top the billing. Yet, this store is really amazing… one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” kind of places. Ephemera is where every tiny plastic thing-a-ma-bobber goes after you clean out your kids’ ...Read more.

Mom Challenge: Packing Yummy Nut-Free School Lunches

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by Deirdre Hahn, Lifestyle Contributor | Remember when you were in school and the frozen sandwich your mom put in your lunchbox also functioned as the ice pack? Great concept, but eating a half-frozen sandwich at noon wasn’t my favorite experience at school. Oh, and those lunch boxes! My third grade Grizzly Adams lunch box elicited a chorus of laughter from my classmates who were sporting new Star Wars boxes. So, for most of my childhood, I was a punch-card cafeteria kid. Salisbury steak, meatloaf, drumsticks, green beans and lukewarm milk ruled my school lunches. ...Read more.