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Arizona Midday | Spring Dresses!

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Spring is when our hearts are captured by all the beautiful dresses that take over the fashion scene. Ethereal sheers, pretty floral prints, soft pastels and happy brights, romantic lace.... we love it all! Easter is in a few weeks and Mother's Day right around the corner, plus we're guessing you have at least one wedding or shower on your calendar this season -- get a jump start on what you'll need to have at the ready. And, there IS a cut for every body type. Curvy? Think A-line skirt and highlight your waist. Broad shoulders, small hips? Look for color-blocks that are dark on the top, light on the bottom and stick ...Read more.

Our Finds at Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale

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The timing is impeccable! Just as school is ending and vacation time is here, Nordstrom has marked down tons of great spring and summer items for their biannual Half-Yearly Sale, so we can save on "must-haves" before we start packing. Plus, we're shopping for a few events this summer, including a family reunion and a wedding. So many deals, this opportunity is pretty hard to pass up! ...Read more.