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Mom Muse | Melissa Rountree

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Mom of two Melissa Rountree has had a long love affair with fashion. Prior to being a realtor with Dave Perry‐Miller Real Estate, she spent her career in luxury goods selling Dior and then Chanel to Neiman Marcus. (We can only imagine the heaven that is her closet!) After her second child, she decided it was time to stop traveling, so luxury real estate seemed like a good choice. Melissa is well known around town for her impeccable style and stays connected to her fashion roots by emceeing fashion-related events and through organizations like Fashion Group International. Last year, she was recognized with the ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | Fashion Trends and Darth Vader

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Twice a year the Fashion Group International organization holds a Trend Report event in their regions around the globe that provides a terrific overview of what designers presented during the Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.  Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the Fall 2014 Trend Report soirée in the Arizona region at the Phoenix Art Museum. Bonus -- in addition to the Trend Report, we were also treated to a special viewing of the Hollywood Costume Exhibit, currently underway at the museum. ...Read more.