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Angela’s Lab | Denim Shirt Makeover

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A denim shirt is one of those essential basics that no woman should be without. It's hip, youthful (but wearable at any age!), can be dressed up or down, looks great with any color in your closet, is washable and has staying power as a classic item. And, it's versatile - tuck it in, wear it out, belt it, half-tuck it, knot it in front or wear it as a beach cover-up. Personally, I love dressing up this basic with a flirty skirt and designer shoes and taking it from basic to wow! ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | My New Favorite Denim

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Cropped and lightly frayed at the bottom, these are my new favorite jeans so far this season! They have a hipster vibe without being overly distressed... I am just not a big fan of the ripped-out knees. I know, I know, it's hot, but I prefer a more sophisticated look and these give me a little bit of both. ...Read more.