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Arizona Midday | Off-the-Shoulder Tops at Any Age

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The off-the-shoulder look is indisputably the biggest trend of summer and still going strong for fall. Wondering if you can wear it and how? Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses can absolutely be worn at any age -- it’s really all about your style, what you're comfortable with and how much skin is showing. Remember, no trend is worth wearing if you don’t feel comfortable and confident. And, great news! Off-the-shoulder comes in many different cuts and you can choose between more or less coverage, straps or no straps, high or low in the front -- there's a style for everyone. On NBC Channel 12’s Arizona Midday, Angela ...Read more.

Trend Watch: Show Your Sexy Shoulders

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Arguably the quickest way to bring your look up to date this spring is to invest in the latest street style must-have -- the off-the-shoulder trend. This look is straight out of the '80s and whether you prefer tailored, feminine or boho chic, there's a style for you. Still working on toning your arms? Off-the-shoulder tops offer extra coverage, while being flirty and romantic. The look is youthful, and yet appropriate at any age. ...Read more.