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Sexy Beach-Worthy Essentials

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Resort collections are in stores and as we stroll through the aisles, we're dreaming of somewhere warm and sunny with tropical breezes and island music playing.... ahhhh. If you are lucky enough to be headed off on a beach vacation in the next few months or you just like to be prepared if your significant other or girlfriends decide to whisk you off for a whirlwind weekend, MSL has your essential beach vacation-wear all picked out. ...Read more.

Mom Challenge: Swap Your Sweats!

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Okay, everyone knows how arctic they keep the temperature at the grocery store, but come on moms – lose the sweats! Even though the weather is starting to cool down, there are still options for keeping warm through the freezer aisle that won’t stifle a sudden run-in with your child’s piano teacher or a big-time client you just signed. ...Read more.