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Lust. Luxe. Less. | Lace-Up Sandals

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Lace-up sandals are one of the haute-est trends happening this spring and we're seeing them on all the "it" girls and street style stars we stalk on Instagram. Whether you prefer a heel or flat or both, there's a style for you! We especially love the snakeskin and metallic styles because they're so darn versatile and won't visually shorten your leg. We're wearing this trend with dresses, skirts, shorts and our beloved boyfriend jeans -- these shoes can easily be dressed up or down. And when you pair them with your basics, you are instantly moved into the "I'm super stylish and on-trend" category. ...Read more.

When Life Gives You Lemons…

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.... go shopping! The term "retail therapy" was coined for a reason -- shopping releases happy endorphins and we wholeheartedly embrace this at MSL. The oh-so-cute lemon motif is popping up this season on clothing, shoes and an array of accessories, and we are loving this zesty, refreshing trend. MSL was first captivated by the store windows of Kate Spade and especially by her slice of lemon clutch adorned with crystals. As a result, we decided to explore further and see what else we could uncover in fashionista land. ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | Spring Break Part 1 – Seattle

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One of my family's regular destinations when on a break or vacation is Seattle. It's my own beloved hometown and when it's sunny (mid-July through mid-October is the best time to go) there is no place more beautiful. Not only are the mountains and water stunning, but the city itself and surrounding area has a terrific personality and sense of self. Admittedly, fashion takes on a more practical focus due to the elements 9 months out of the year -- who wants to ruin their suede Chanel booties after all! So we packed our more practical moto boots and Hello Kitty rain boots for a week in the Northwest. ...Read more.