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10 Accessories to Glam Up Your Party Wear

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The holidays are coming like a bullet train and now is the time to refresh your "party" wardrobe! Assess your closet and update your accessories stash so you are ready for the deluge of holiday luncheons, kids' performances, holiday teas and cocktails with the girls, holiday fetes and family dinners. Not to mention, there are always last-minute invitations that crop up. Having a couple of go-to flattering and perfectly-festive ensembles pre-styled with eye-popping accessories in your closet will help take the stress out of dressing and you can avoid the all too common "I-have-nothing-to-wear" syndrome. Here are 10 ...Read more.

Lust. Luxe. Less. | Exotic Minaudieres

Lust. Luxe. Less. | The Exotic Minaudiere // Mom Style Lab view more

Minaudieres are absolute perfection when it comes to a sassy sidekick for a night on the town.They’re everywhere and it’s no secret why…they are bite-size style goodness. ...Read more.