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Angela’s Lab | Freeze This Moment

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If you've been a Mom Style Lab reader for awhile, you know that every year around our daughter's birthday we like to do a photo shoot to document this moment in time. Or, as the iconic band Rush sang in their hit song, Time Stands Still -- "Freeze this moment just a little bit longer... make each sensation just a little bit stronger." Pictures bring back the memories and the moments that fly back so quickly. As I looked back at last year's post when Christina turned 10, I realized how much she changed over the year. Last August, she was in the middle of round 1 of braces and getting ready to start 5th grade and middle ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | Capturing the Moment

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It's true what they say... the older you get, the years seem to go by faster and faster. And as all parents know, time goes even faster when you have kids. It seems like one minute you're changing diapers, then you blink and they're off to preschool... or college, as the case may be. The day Christina was born, the hospital sent a photographer to our room to take pictures of her and us holding our little angel. You have the option to purchase the photos. At the time, I thought, okay we'll get some photos of our sweet newborn, thinking to myself that I looked and felt like a wreck after 18 hours of labor, followed by an ...Read more.

Twinning with My American Girl

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I love American Girl. I love my dolls and that AG promotes girl power, kindness and individualism. We are all unique and special and have the ability to make the world a better place. Each doll has a story that makes her unique too. My mom recently helped me start an Instagram page called "AG Style Lab" featuring my dolls that she manages, but I brainstorm ideas with her for content and stage the photo shoots. It's really fun! Be sure and check it out. My momĀ is also encouraging me to write blog posts about things I enjoy, including American Girl, dance, fashion, books, cooking and crafts -- so watch for more from ...Read more.