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Girl Style Lab | Charmed, I’m Sure

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Valentine's Day is just two weeks away and we have the perfect gift for that sweet girl in your life... a CHARM IT bracelet or necklace! My mini has loved collecting CHARM IT charms since she was four years old. Charm necklaces and bracelets are ideal gifts since you can personalize the charms to the wearer's interests. And, CHARM IT has a huge selection of darling (and affordable!) charms for girls and tweens. The pieces are easy to clip on and take off, depending on what your girl wants to feature. One day, her necklace or bracelet can be worn fully loaded with charms, and the next day with just one or a few ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

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Who among us doesn't love to receive diamond jewelry for a special occasion or a "just because" gift? Diamonds are special and meaningful, not to mention they are the ultimate classic gem and a great investment.  I wear my diamond stud earrings just about every single day, and my diamond wedding and anniversary rings only come off at night of course. Hmmmm... a diamond pendant or bracelet would be nice.... just sayin'. I do have a birthday coming up. Plus, since I'm an April baby, diamonds are my official birthstone, thus this is the only gem that will do. To help out with my diamond fetish, Spence Diamonds has ...Read more.