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Lust. Luxe. Less. | Studded Statement Bags

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Studs continue their dominance in the fashion world and we simply love how they give our style a cool-girl edge. While the Valentino rock stud collection is still super haute, many other designers have created their own studded works of art that we have our eye on for our handbag stash. After all, we like to stand out from the crowd. ...Read more.

At Work | Sandals You CAN Wear to the Office

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It's officially sandal season and with the onslaught of new styles popping up on our favorite shopping sites, we are dying to wear sandals to the office. But what's appropriate in the workplace? This in large part depends on your office, but we scoped out and found the best professional-looking sandals that will work the majority of the time. Unless you work in a conservative office or corporate environment, in which case you are better off sticking with pumps and perhaps peep-toes or slingback pumps to shake it up for summer. ...Read more.

Mix It Up: How to Dress Street Party Chic

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At MSL, we attend a lot of fashion-forward events and recently received an invitation to one that had us especially excited about what to wear. The attire: Street Chic. The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, otherwise referred to as SMoCA, is hosting their annual SMoCA Mix fundraiser on Saturday, May 2nd from 6-10pm with an innovative "street art" event. (Get your tickets here!) The evening promises to be fun and relaxed (no sit-down dinner here!) with guests wandering through the museum, which will be taken over and transformed by renowned Phoenix graffiti artist Lalo Cota and his team of muralists! In ...Read more.