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Arizona Midday | Coat Check

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Baby, it's cold outside! Bundle up in warm wrap coats, fantastic furs, cozy capes and sweater coats. No matter where you live or where you're traveling to, there's a flattering style and look for you. On NBC Channel 12’s Arizona Midday, Angela has the coats of the season from Nordstrom. ...Read more.

Video | Most Wearable Shorts

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The warm weather is on its way (or here already in some locales!) and shorts season is getting underway. From short shorts and Daisy Duke-denim to knee-length Bermudas, girly lace and silky shorts, there is look for every style preference and body type this season. Mom Style Lab's Angela Keller features the most wearable, everyday trends in shorts on Channel 12's Arizona Midday. ...Read more.

Mom Challenge: Swap Your Sweats!

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Okay, everyone knows how arctic they keep the temperature at the grocery store, but come on moms – lose the sweats! Even though the weather is starting to cool down, there are still options for keeping warm through the freezer aisle that won’t stifle a sudden run-in with your child’s piano teacher or a big-time client you just signed. ...Read more.