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Celeb Style Crush | Kate Hudson

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We've always envied Kate Hudson's carefree, confident, feminine style and her insanely gorgeous gown she wore to the Fendi 90th anniversary celebration is no exception. This boy mom's super-fit bod looks amazing in a midriff-baring cut. Okay, back to the ab crunches! In the meantime, we found a runway-to-reality dress inspired by Kate's that works for a variety of body types and all ages. So pretty and perfect for date night or a special event. Embrace your inner goddess! ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | Happily Ever After

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Weddings are magical. The blushing bride in her beautiful gown. The handsome groom that can't take his eyes off his love. Okay, yes, I am a romantic at heart. I love weddings and the whole idea of happily ever after. ...Read more.