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Video | How to Wear Sequins + Shop the Looks!

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Sequins aren't just for dress-up anymore. Daytime, nighttime, anytime -- it all depends on how you style them. Today on NBC Channel 12's Arizona Midday, Angela Keller shows the latest trends in sequins and how to wear them for both casual and dressy looks. ...Read more.

Ask Our Style Techs | How to Winterize Shorts

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Q: I love the look of shorts in fall and winter, but I'm not sure how to pull off the look. How do I winterize my shorts? - Betsy T. ...Read more.

Thoroughly Modern Hosiery

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Princess Kate has single-handedly resurrected hosiery from the depths of the no-longer-fashionable abyss. And if it’s good enough for the world’s most-stylish royal, it most certainly can help up-level our professional look when styled correctly. ...Read more.