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My friends and I are constantly sharing beauty tips and secrets, new product finds, and what’s working for us. So, I thought I’d share with you some of the products that I swear by and would recommend. The list is long (and my bathroom cabinet full), but here are seven of my must-haves that I don’t leave on a trip without. (Skin care is a whole other topic! More products I love… dealing with holding back the clock after 40 deserves its own post. I promise to share my favs in that category soon!)


Intraceuticals Atoxelene Line Wand | This magic wand instantly plumps and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles when you need to look your best (throw it in your handbag for quick touch-ups!). It contains hyaluronic acid, which is naturally occurring in our skin, plus vitamins and antioxidants. Special thanks to my dear friend and professional makeup artist & beauty guru Diane Aiello of Glam Lounge Artists for turning me on to this celeb secret weapon a few years ago. Or here’s the big bottle if you want to use it daily.

2 Clarins Bronze Self-Tanning Tint | There’s nothing like applying a little self-tanner to your face every other night to help mask discoloration. Plus, your skin will have a healthy glow. This one by Clarins looks dark but it doesn’t turn out that way. Just make sure to use pads with a protective back to apply or your fingers can get stained.

3 Model Co Face Base Skin Primer | Put this primer on after your face lotion and before your makeup for smoother, flawless-looking skin. (Use the Intraceuticals wand underneath for serious results.) It’s better than any other brand I’ve tried, from Smashbox to Benefit. Wait a couple of minutes to apply your makeup for an even smoother look. I don’t leave home without it on. Oh, and Model Co has other great products like exfoliating body wipes and brush-on bronzer too!

4 Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz | Brows are everything. Correctly-shaped brows can change and open up your whole face. Too many of us have over-plucked at some point in our lives and they never quite grow back the same. Three words of advice — See a professional. And don’t get too heavy-handed with your brow pencil. Plus, make sure the color matches your hair. I love Anastastia’s pencils. The colors are great and there’s no sharpening. The tip stays fine so you can lightly feather in color where your natural brows are lacking.

5 Mason Pearson Hairbrush | Expensive for a brush, yes, but it doesn’t pull or rip your hair and it gets out tangles. When you think about how much we spend on cuts and colors and products, getting the best brush for our locks is worth it. There are several styles to choose from – pick the best one for your hair type (long or short, fine or thick, etc.).

6 Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray | This is hands-down the best dry shampoo I’ve found. The key word here is “invisible” — it does not leave any white residue on your hair. The brand has a version that is in a very similar container, but not “invisible.” Don’t get it. There’s nothing worse than using dry shampoo and looking like you have dandruff. Ew.

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve | Living in Arizona makes my hands super dry and my fingers tend to crack especially near my nails… unless I apply this Kiehl’s lotion every night before I go to bed and as needed during the day. Not only does it work, but it is not greasy at all, so you can put it on any time without fear of touching things. Oh, and it’s great for cracked summer heels too! I buy several at a time so I don’t run out. And guess what, it’s ON SALE on the Nordstrom website right now! (I just stocked up again…)

What beauty products do you swear by? I’d LOVE to hear what you’re using and can’t live without! Send me an email at or comment below.




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  1. Sarah says:

    I love Oscar Blandi for dry shampoo too! No white stuff. I just ordered the line wand — can’t wait to try it!!

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