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It’s true what they say… the older you get, the years seem to go by faster and faster. And as all parents know, time goes even faster when you have kids. It seems like one minute you’re changing diapers, then you blink and they’re off to preschool… or college, as the case may be. The day Christina was born, the hospital sent a photographer to our room to take pictures of her and us holding our little angel. You have the option to purchase the photos. At the time, I thought, okay we’ll get some photos of our sweet newborn, thinking to myself that I looked and felt like a wreck after 18 hours of labor, followed by an unplanned C-section. When the photos came back, they were all so beautiful and filled with so much love… this talented photographer had captured this special moment in our little family’s life so perfectly. As a result, it’s become a tradition to do an annual birthday photo shoot for Christina every year with this photographer, who is now also our friend, Jacqueline Hanna. This year we all happened to be in the Seattle area at the same time over the summer and took advantage of the gorgeous backdrop that is Lake Washington and our favorite place to stay in town, the Woodmark Hotel, to snap memories of our now nine-year-old (!) sweet girl. I thought I’d share the moment with you all… this one moment captured in time so that we won’t forget it as time continues to speed by all too fast.

All photos were taken by Jacqueline Hanna on location at the Woodmark Hotel and Carillon Point in Kirkland, Washington.


4 responses to “Angela’s Lab | Capturing the Moment”

  1. Thornton Newlove says:

    Wonderful photos!Such attractive subjects! DAD

  2. Debra says:

    Beautiful photos! Love the water as backround

    Love Deb & Chris

    • angela says:

      Thanks so much! We are so happy with how the photos came out and it was wonderful to shoot in such a beautiful location. xoxo

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