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Cancer. The big C. A word that has become all too familiar these days in our world. Most of us know someone that has had it or been impacted by it, survived it or succumbed to it. If you’ve been reading this blog for the last year, you know that my own beloved mother passed away last December right before Christmas from breast cancer… it still doesn’t seem real to me that she’s gone from this world. I still think to myself often… I need to tell my mom this! Or I wonder what mom would do? And in the next second I realize I can’t call her anymore. I can talk with her in my mind and I do, but of course it’s not the same. I mourn the fact that my daughter won’t know her grandma and benefit from her gentle, kind spirit as she grows up. I’m thankful that she had eight years with her and will do all I can to keep those special memories alive. I wish I had more videos of her… I have some, like her playing the piano while Christina sings. Her laughing as Christina comes running out on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought her. I still have a voicemail she left me on my cell phone. When my dad and I went through her things, we found many notes about what was important to her and positive affirmations about her health and situation.

A new cancer treatment protocol targeted to my mom’s type of cancer gave us an extra year with her. My mom was a cancer survivor. She’d had a mastectomy and been deemed cancer-free after five years, only to have the breast cancer come back — stage 4 metastatic. I know without the targeted treatment she would have left this earth much sooner. That’s why research being done at organizations like TGen is so critically important. I’m sad that her cancer coming back was missed due to inadequate follow-up by her doctors… but thankful for her being able to spend five years enjoying life blissfully unaware the cancer was still growing. And, I am so grateful for the extra time we were given once the cancer reoccurred. When you know time is limited, you spent it more fully… taking in as many moments and experiences as you can. Thank you to TGen for the life-saving and life-extending research that you do, and to Saks Fifth Avenue for hosting this lovely annual event to aid fundraising efforts in this important cause as part of your Key To The Cure initiative.

Here are a few highlights from Saks’ annual Key To The Cure fashion show in Phoenix, and thank you to all that came out to raise money and help fund cancer research! Special thanks to Haute Photography & Videography for all the beautiful photos!

Missoni designed this year’s darling Key To The Cure shirt. Purchase one and 100% of proceeds will fund cancer research!

These beautiful Etro pillows on each chair were given to event attendees.

Love this.

The second floor of the Biltmore Fashion Park Saks Fifth Avenue store was filled with fashionably dressed guests.

Lisa Dahl & Tessa Bajema.

Lauri Termansen & Carol Clemmensen.

Nicole Cundiff, myself & Perrine Adams.

Saks’ General Manager Anna Chung & Marketing Director Angela Zdrale, both wearing Etro.

Key To The Cure event chairs, Jacquie Dorrance, Katie Mueller & Carole Moreno.

Ensembles styled for the gorgeous Etro fashion show.

Here are a few of our favorite looks worn by models from The Agency Arizona.

Power dressing. We’re especially entranced by this jacketA show stopper, for sure.Love this dress’ vibrant color!  And the jacket is so flattering.

This dark floral print, tho.

This gown is SO perfect for a special occasion.

The fabulous show was produced by none other than the talented Margaret Merritt, pictured below on the right with Terri Camberlango, owner of The Agency Arizona. Brava, ladies!
All photos courtesy of Haute Photography & Videography.



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