Angela’s Lab | Celebrating Diamonds at Spence Scottsdale

The champagne was flowing and the high-wattage diamonds were sparkling at the Spence Diamonds’ grand opening party in Scottsdale Quarter last week. Lucky me, I got to wear several pieces made of stunning artisan diamonds to the event (love the perks of my job! see below photo), so I chose a can’t-go-wrong-ever LBD to provide a simple, elegant backdrop for the jewelry. What’s an artisan diamond, you ask? Essentially it’s a diamond created in a plasma chamber vs. being mined, but the two are identical in every way, except with an artisan diamond, you can request a specific quality and buy a larger stone for the same price. We also love that Spence creates and customizes each diamond for each individual upon order, so no one has ever even tried on your jewelry. Read our earlier post for more info.

Above photo: Diamonds are a girl squad’s best friend. L to R: Joy Caldwell, Jackie Orona, me & Angela Zdrale.

All decked out in Spence Artisan Diamonds… which piece is your favorite??

Saks Fifth Avenue’s Marketing Guru Angela Zdrale and I arriving at the event.

Posing with PR Queen Jan Bracamonte of J. Lauren PR.

It’s not a party without my dear friend Joy Caldwell.

Good news! Even if you missed the grand opening celebration, Spence rolls out the red carpet and champagne (or mixed drinks – order your favorite from their full bar) every day for each and every customer. Their philosophy is that buying a luxury item like a diamond should always be a special experience and we should all be treated like celebrities. You’re officially invited to stop in next time you’re at Scottsdale Quarter and see for yourself!

Luxury items like to stick together. Handbag by Jimmy Choo (sold out, but other Choo clutches here).


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