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If you’ve been a Mom Style Lab reader for awhile, you know that every year around our daughter’s birthday we like to do a photo shoot to document this moment in time. Or, as the iconic band Rush sang in their hit song, Time Stands Still — “Freeze this moment just a little bit longer… make each sensation just a little bit stronger.” Pictures bring back the memories and the moments that fly back so quickly. As I looked back at last year’s post when Christina turned 10, I realized how much she changed over the year. Last August, she was in the middle of round 1 of braces and getting ready to start 5th grade and middle school. Two big deals, right? It was a great year. She thrived in middle school and fell in love in volleyball, violin and musical theater. Middle school opened up so many new doors. Her love of dance and performing in general also continued to grow. I love that she has no fear of trying anything new… I can’t say that I had her incredible sense of confidence and ability to take risks at her age. While on one hand I wish she’d stay young, on the other hand I’m excited to see where our little girl will go. As she heads into 6th grade, I look forward to seeing what this year will bring!

A well-deserved ice cream break after the shoot.

We shot the photos on location in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. The photographer? My amazing, multi-talented husband.


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