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I’ve been a faithful, every-night-without-fail Clarisonic user for the last 10 years. And it works well. However, I was recently sent and asked to try out the FOREO LUNA 2 facial cleaner & anti-aging device and after a month of use I am officially a convert! The LUNA 2 gets my skin noticeably cleaner and more taunt. Not to mention there’s NO brushhead to replace and you only need to charge it every seven months! Since it doesn’t need to be charging all the time that means less clutter on my counter — I just put it away in its little bag after it dries. Plus, it’s less bulky to pack when traveling and you don’t need to take the charging cord. There’s an even smaller travel-size version, although it doesn’t have as many features and the regular-size is easily packable. If you aren’t sold after this alone I’d be surprised.



BUT, in case you need more of a reason to fall for the LUNA 2, here are a few more awesome features:

  • It has been proven to remove 99.5% of the dirt, oil, makeup residue, and blemish-causing impurities from your face. That’s a lot better than a washcloth, ladies.
  • You can choose the best LUNA 2 for your skin type — oily, normal, combination or sensitive. The brush is different based on your need.
  • The gentle exfoliation helps your skincare products absorb and thus work better, plus the medical-grade silicone bristles dry faster and are more hygienic (it’s so much easier to rinse clean than its competitor!).
  • The back of the LUNA 2 helps you fight the war against aging by gently stimulating your skin to help prevent wrinkles by firming and smoothing. Just one minute of cleansing, followed by one minute of massaging — it’s quick so the process fits into my nighttime routine.
  • Again, because it’s worth repeating… NO brushheads to change and you only need to charge it once every seven months.

Step 1 | Apply your favorite cleanser.


Step 2 | Move the LUNA 2 in a slow circular motion around your face for one minute, then rinse and dry.


Step 3 | For an extra anti-aging boost, apply your regular lotion and use the LUNA 2’s anti-aging side for one minute in wrinkle-prone areas.

Annnnnd I have more good news for those of you combating wrinkles or who are plagued by dark circles under your eyes (like me!). Frankly, I don’t know a mom who doesn’t have dark circles… if not all the time, at least most of the time. Sleep is a luxury, right? To be honest, I don’t leave the house with under-eye concealer. I know the majority of you are nodding. When I starting using the using LUNA 2, I also received and began using the FOREO IRIS eye massager, which stimulates the skin around my eye area to help eliminate dark circles, bags, fine lines and wrinkles. Yay!!


Inspired by an Asian fingertip tapping eye massage, the gentle massaging promises to be up to 3.5 times more effective at helping your skin absorb your eye serum or cream (that we can’t do without in our 40s and up!) than applying it by hand. I admit that I am guilty of dropping in the $100 plus range for anti-aging serum… so if this tool will help it work better, I’m all in. And the process is fast – just 30 seconds under each eye after you apply your serum – because if it’s not quick and effective, I won’t do it. I can honestly say that I’m noticing a difference and I guarantee it’s not because I’m getting more sleep!!


FOREO is offering FREE shipping on all orders right now (no code needed). Please let me know what you think of the products — I’d love to hear your feedback.

Special thanks to FOREO for sending me the LUNA 2 and IRIS to try out and share my experience with you!


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  1. Renee says:

    These tools look amazing!!

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