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For the last decade, I’ve been an on-air style expert for various TV lifestyle and news shows, and had the privilege of talking about the latest fashion trends and how to wear them, as well as dishing out advice on how dress for your body type and different occasions. So. Much. Fun. I love on-camera work. It’s challenging and rewarding to get your message across in less than 5 minutes and deliver a segment that helps viewers understand how they can look their fashion-forward best and inspire them to take their style to the next level. I’ve had exciting experiences, as well as a few key learnings, along the way. One of my favorite shoots was on a lake, on a houseboat, talking about summer fashion trends, followed by Dierks Bentley playing to the crew as we noshed on snacks prepared by an award-winning chef. Another memorable moment was taking my daughter on-set for the first time after she was born at about 3 months to introduce her to viewers — a video clip I will always treasure.

Key learnings about being on-camera: 1) When you are the spokesperson, try to forget that thousands of people are watching you and simply have a conversation with the host of the show; 2) Make sure you love and know your topic, your enthusiasm will shine through; and 3) Dress to look your best and walk the talk. In other words, if you are talking about holiday fashion, dress for a holiday event. Or in the case of the segment I had this week on Arizona Midday, wear an outfit that is slimming, as we were talking about how to dress 10 pounds slimmer! The dress I chose to wear was done with careful thought — it showcases color-blocking and vertical lines, both key ways to “dressing slimmer.” Oh and I also love it and feel good in it. There is a history to this dress. I purchased it while at a Rebecca Taylor event at Saks Fifth Avenue, and as the designer herself shared with me, this style happens to be one of her favorite designs. I heart Rebecca Taylor. Here’s the dress from purchase to in studio.

Professional Phoenix Event Photographer rebecca-taylor-event-3

Photos: Darrylee Cohen,

AZ Midday 2-4-14 (425x640)

AZ midday on set with destry

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