Angela’s Lab | Modern Menswear with Flair

Tailored menswear with feminine flair has always been a key aspect of my personal style. Maybe it’s my career history in public relations — it’s important to project a professional, efficient image! — combined with 14 years of managing PR in the male-dominated high-tech industry, before I jumped ship to focus on my first love, fashion. Anyway, pin-striping and professional attire give me an extra boost of confidence. I love the fact that this menswear look is in the form of a dress vs. a traditional suit. And, these flats tho! I can’t get enough. Not only are they unique and beautifully made, they’re comfortable for when I’m spending the day on my feet. Watch out glass ceiling!






Dress, Chloe (The dress pictured is sold out, but here’s another similar option by Victoria Beckham, one by Equipment on sale & a really affordable option.) // Pins, Cinq á Sept // Shoes, Fendi (navy shown here available in Saks Fifth Avenue stores or black with multi-color tiles – so cute! – online)

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