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I was back and center (the best place to take pictures) at the Neiman Marcus Project Beauty event recently during which I not only received a cute pink bag full of product samples and indulged in yummy pink lip cookies, but I also “met” my new BFF.

project beauty




















NM model

















No, it’s not the cute model with the Gucci belt. My new friend was dubbed La ‘Mer’acle by the presenter, and she had me at “simply put it on and leave it on overnight.” Easy breezy. And if I’m going to actually use a product, it needs to be quick. This amazing product I’m referring to is La Mer’s Lifting & Firming Mask. Pre-kid, I was really good about regularly applying face masks to lift and refresh, but normally you need to leave them on, wait, then remove and that extra half-hour of time is a precious commodity these days. Normally I would try out a sample for a few days, but since the presenter recommended leaving the mask on and wiping it off in the morning, I decided to go ahead and make the commitment and purchase the jar. I am so glad I did. After one overnight application, my face was smoother and more even. How often can you say that?? It’s not inexpensive but this mask by La Mer is well worth the investment. Oh, and through March 2nd with a $125 beauty purchase you also get a bag filled with samples.

la mer mask















Here’s a picture of the darling mom of 2 kids, Caraline, who won a makeup application at the event. Doesn’t she look fantastic?


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