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The impending Mother’s Day weekend has me feeling emotional… emotional about my own mom being gone for a year and a half now… emotional that she’s not here in person to see my daughter grow up… emotional about the fact that I’m so blessed to be a mom… and emotional about the fact that my daughter is growing up way too fast. I can hardly believe that she’ll be turning double digits this summer and starting middle school in the fall. If you follow me on Instagram at momstylelab, you may have seen that I recently took Christina to her first concert (Taylor Swift! It really was an amazing show) and she also got her ears pierced. Two signs that she is officially now a tween. And, even more telling, she recently told me that she wants clothes, earrings and room decor for her birthday…. no toys. Okay, maybe a few American Girl doll outfits she told me. Being a mom means constantly evolving to be there for your kids and give whatever support they need at each particular moment or stage in their lives. Definitely not an easy job. While Mother’s Day may be a “Hallmark holiday,” it still has the power to make us stop and reflect on what it means to be a mother. And, nothing makes you appreciate your own mother more than being a mom yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always appreciated everything my mom did for me and all the sacrifices she made, but I didn’t internalize the struggles and difficult decisions she had to make all the time until I became a mom. Nothing can quite describe the pure, unconditional love you have for your child.

On that note, I always appreciate a beautiful piece of sentimental jewelry that I can wear every day, with denim or a dress. When jewelry has a message or meaning behind it, it becomes extra special… a keepsake. These sterling silver and glass enamel pendants by Colby Davis that Christina and I are wearing are beautifully made and are available in different colors. They really make the perfect gift for special women in your life, whether it’s your grandma, mom, daughter or friend. My pendant in French Blue has a Celtic Knot design on it, symbolizing the never-ending bond between a mother and her daughter. The inscription on the back reads appropriately, “Everlasting Love.” Also in French Blue, Christina’s pendant has a guardian angel on the front and an inscription on the back — “Someone to Watch Over Me.” That would be me. And her dad. And her grandma turned guardian angel. I love both sentiments and will treasure these pieces always.

Angela’s Celtic Knot Pendant
Christina’s Guardian Angel Pendant

Thank you to Colby Davis of Boston for sending us these beautiful pendants! (Please note that the chains are my own, but there are chains available for purchase separately on the website.) Another thing to love about Colby Davis is that it’s a woman-owned business started by a mom and two of her daughters. Watch for our Mom Muse interview with owner Lia Lombara coming this weekend and learn more about this amazing mom! 

Happy Mother’s Day!!!




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