Ask MSL |Am I Too Old for Overalls?

Q: I love overalls, but am I too old to wear them now that I’m 40? – Liz W.

JLo rocks a pair of overalls with a white button-down, designer sneaks and Hermes Birkin bag. We say YES to all of it!

A: Great question! We get this question all the time, so you are not alone in wondering at what point we should put the overalls aside. Overalls are a look that skews young, however, we say it’s all about proper styling and attitude, so if you love ’em, go for it! We have tips for doing it right if you’re over 25.

1 | Opt for a darker or dressier fabric.
Instead of light or distressed denim, choose a flowy fabric like rayon, a dressier denim (read: no rips, tears or frays), or a darker color like navy or black or this one. These options are all more chic and will also have more fit flexibility for different body types.

2 | Pair with an elevated top. 
A silky blouse, brightly-colored knit, white button-down shirt, or a striped tee with a 3/4-length sleeve will keep your look more sophisticated and pulled together.

Iconic fashionista SJP opts for darker denim and a dressy, romantic blouse. Perfection!

3 | Wear with platforms or wedges. 
If you pair overalls with sneakers, the styling is more casual and youthful. Platforms in the form of chunky loafers or open-toed wedges are the modern way to wear overalls, and this helps keep the look from being too casual. While we’ve seen them paired with stilettos and high-heeled sandals, we say keep it more real for everyday with a dressy wedge or platform heel. 

4 | Choose wide legs. 
Wide-leg jeans and trousers are very on trend this season and will automatically elevate your look, keeping in mind the afore mentioned tips. Also, if the bottom half of your outfit is wide or voluminous, keep the top fitted. If you are petite, make sure the wide legs fit your thighs before they flare out at the knee and higher shoes are a must.

Model Lily Aldridge shows us how to style wide-leg overalls with a fitted top and statement bag.

5 | Finishing touches. 
Wear make-up so people don’t think you’re in high school, especially if you look young for your age. We suggest wearing your hair in an up-do or top-knot to add sophistication. Complete the look with a statement designer handbag and great shoes. 

What to avoid. No plaid shirts, gingham, tank tops or softball tees. No braids. No bare faces. No Birkenstocks or Crocs. All of these things will make you look like you’re in high school or stuck in a ’70s-gone-wrong movie.

Important note: If you have a teenager who is rocking the overall look, you may want to take a pass. No one wants to be Regina George’s mom in Mean Girls, aka Amy Poehler, trying to hold on to their youth and hang out with their teen.


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