Ask Our Style Techs | Am I Too Old for Cut-offs?

Q: I love the boho look for summer and think denim cut-offs are cute, but worry that at 44, I might be a little old to wear them… Your thoughts?  – Tara S.

A: Celebrities, fashion bloggers and street style stars are ALL working short, raggedy, denim cut-offs right now. It’s the summer spin on distressed denim. Is there an age limit on this look? Well, it all depends on your style and what you’re comfortable with AND where you’re wearing them. If you have a daughter wearing denim cut-offs and you are too, you run the risk of being mistaken for Amy Poehler in Mean Girls, in other words, you may be trying a little too hard to re-live your youth. The question is, do you feel comfortable and stylish wearing cut-offs or a little silly? ANY look you wear whether it’s casual or dressy you should feel really good about and know that you look good.

Now, if you’re on a beach vacation, denim cutoffs with sneakers are cute as long as they aren’t too short (i.e., if your cheek is hanging out when you bend over like the teens we see at the mall these days). The more polished denim shorts (not raggedy, no pockets hanging out in the front) are great at any age and for just about any style. Here are some of our favorites both short and long, distressed and not.

Aged & Distressed Cut-offs

denim cutoffs_0

1 & 2 | Joe’s Jeans | Genetic // Shorter in length, these cut-offs are on-trend but totally appropriate if you have the gams for it.

3 | Mango // These bermuda length shorts are distressed but offer more coverage. Plus, an artfully rolled cuff is a great option to adjust the length. (Only $50!)

4 | Mother // A terrific relaxed-fit, longer style.


Polished Denim

denim cutoffs_0_1

1 | Paige Denim // Angela’s personal fav, these shorts are her everyday go-to pair in the summer.

2 | Paige Denim // Classic style in a lighter wash.

3 | KUT from the Kloth // Longer boyfriend shorts offer coverage, look appropriate and never go out of style.

4 | AG // Another classy bermuda-length style.


So when choosing the best pair for you, we recommend channeling Nicky Hilton or Poppy Delevingne, not J Law.


Designer Nicky Hilton.

Poppy Delevingne denim shorts

Socialite Poppy Delevingne.

Jennifer Lawrence denim shorts

Actress Jennifer Lawrence.


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