Ask Our Style Techs | Best Colorful Handbags


Q: I want to purchase a colorful bag for winter that will also transition into spring. What color do you suggest that will go with everything? – Sarah J.

A: Handbags can make such a statement, and they really help define your daily style as most moms don’t take the time to change their handbag every day. Investing in a great color that works well with most of your wardrobe is a safe way to go. A few of the most tried-and-true colors for winter that are known to transition easily into spring, include metallics, navy and cobalt blues, variations of brown, color-blocked pieces and shades of red and pink. Lighter colors such as pastels and whites don’t work quite as well in both winter and spring, but can certainly be accent colors in a two-toned bag or color-blocked bag. Fabrics that work across the seasons are patents, pebble leather and some exotics. Consider storing your tweeds and heavily studded pieces until next winter, as they are too heavy for spring. Keep in mind if you’re looking to work a vibrant color that will compliment any look, you may have to adjust your outerwear or outfit accordingly.


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