Ask Our Style Techs | Dressing for Your Post-Baby Body

Q: After having my second child, my body has completely changed. I’m looking for tips on what key pieces to buy that will take me through this transitional stage. Help! – Erica M.
A: This is by far one of the most asked questions by moms. The daunting task of shopping for clothes that you may not even wear for that long can be frustrating and tiresome (especially when you’re pretty much sleepwalking while doing it!). Investing in some good basics that will help hide some of the areas you feel most self-conscious about or are trying to minimize is key. We’ve listed some pointers that we hope will ease the pain while you streamline the closet-filling process.
  • Force yourself to try on some jeans and find something that fits – don’t look at the size and don’t give up! If it fits right, it’s going to look good, and a great fitting pair of jeans will be a “go-to” item.
  • Don’t wear tunics that are too roomy. Look for tops that are more tailored by the shoulders with a v-neck to slim the chest and in fabric that skims your body.
  • Purchase a Spanx tank top and Spanx shorts (you can even do a one-piece) to wear under clothing to help smooth out the lumps and bumps.
  • Stick to darker-colored tops (navy, black, eggplant, burgundy) that won’t draw as much attention to the stomach and waist areas.
  • Highlight the areas where you’re feeling smaller and downplay the areas where you aren’t.
  • Think about what looks best on you now and don’t think too much about what will last you for later. Concentrate on picking up some good basics that make you feel good now.
  • Stay away from empire waist dresses if you’re looking for a dress for the holidays. While you may be covered, this style tends to look dumpy vs. flattering.
  • When you’re shopping, don’t try and look for an entire new wardrobe all at once. Pick a category and only look for pieces in that category on a particular day. This will help make the process seem less overwhelming.
  • And finally, remember that jewelry, handbags and shoes always fit and look great on you! Give yourself and your look a lift by investing in some new accessories that will you will always love.

Here are the pieces we think you can invest in so you still feel on-trend and that your wardrobe has what it needs:

  1. Tweed/leather jacket.
  2. Jeans. If you find a pair that works, invest in a couple of pairs in that style.
  3. Drapey but tailored tops that skim over and hide the “muffin top.”
  4. Spanx under tank and shorts.
  5. A nice black dress that will take you through the holidays and that’s wearable for a special occasion. You can always have it tailored when you lose your baby weight.
  6. Statement necklace.
  7. Slipper loafers. Super comfy, on-trend and available in a ton of fun colors, patterns and designs.
  8. Booties to wear with skinnies and leggings. Go with a heel that is comfortable for you while carrying your new little one.
  9. Thin turtleneck cable sweater that covers your backside. Say no to the chunky knits that are hot right now; they will just add bulk.
  10. Glam sweatshirt. This will take you through fall/winter and you can layer a denim button down under it for a different look too.

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