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I am petite and just purchased a pair of pointy-toe flats. Can you suggest ways to wear them so I don’t look like an elf?  – Keri D. 

First of all, you have us laughing out loud with this question, Keri! It’s a good one, and we promise we’ll help you look as “un-elf-like” as possible.

Color. Stick to colors that won’t make your feet look long, especially if you have a bigger foot. If you’re petite and have really small feet, you can probably get away with a darker color or vibrant print, but be aware of how much attention you’re drawing to them. We like colors such as neutral metallics, nude, blush pink, and exotic prints that air on the side of caution.

Shape. When choosing a pointy-toe flat, if you can find something that doesn’t have a strong point, that is – a toe shape that is actually a cross between a round-toe and pointy-toe…you’re doing your feet a favor. If it’s a slight point as opposed to a strong point, the foot tends to look slightly smaller.

Pants. Wearing a straight leg or boot-cut jean will help by brushing over the top of the foot and breaking up the length of the shoe. If you’re daring enough to wear a boyfriend jean, choose the right roll height for the denim, not too high or that’s where the elf-look can start to venture in. Depending on how tall you are, you can get away with different options on top (such as a “varsity” tuck or a crisp oxford), but always remember that balance is key.


Dress or Skirt. One of the ways we suggest wearing this type of shoe is with an above-the-knee skirt or dress. A full skirt or A-line cut does a great job of balancing the body out and allows you to have more length in the foot as you get with a pointed flat.


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