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Q: Do you have any tips for what my family should wear for our annual family holiday photo? -Tracy P.

A: It’s that time of year again! MSL is here to help you with styling tips so you can capture the perfect family photo to put on the front of your holiday card and proudly send it out to all of your family and friends. Or is there a better gift for grandparents than a gorgeous picture of their loved ones in an elegant frame? We all have dreams of everyone smiling and gazing directly at the camera (including the family dog), not a hair or collar out of place. Thank goodness for Photoshop! But the re-touch feature can’t fix all and what your beloved family is wearing can make or break the look you are going for in the photo.

  • Choose an underlying color theme for everyone to wear. Black, blue, berry – all flattering colors that photograph nicely. Just as you would not wear orange and green together in one outfit, don’t let Dad wear green and one of the kids wear orange. Total color clash. Don’t wear red and green together unless you are intentionally going for a Christmas theme, then make it obvious and a little cheesy.
  • Darker solids are always more flattering in photos (meaning more slimming). Less chance of a color collision. Subtle prints can work well, but again make sure that everyone’s colors and styles are complimentary.
  • Select a style theme. Dressy clothes or casual clothes?  Dad is going to look silly in his jeans if everyone else is dressed up and vice versa.
  • Lay everyone’s outfits out a few days ahead and look at the style and color of clothing and accessories together with a critical eye. Also, think about where you are shooting the photo (inside or outside?) and what the lighting will be like.
  • Lastly, have a friend on hand to help manage pets, the lint roller, and lend a critical eye at the shoot. This can be invaluable.

Happy Styling!!


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  1. Jen M says:

    Love the photo, the family and the new website! xoxo

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