Ask Our Style Techs | Too Old for Overalls?

Q: I love the new denim overalls that are so hot right now, but am I too old to wear them in my thirties? – Keri D.

A: Good question! Denim overalls are very on-trend right now and we’re seeing them on many of the street style stars and the twenty-something celebrities like Selena Gomez. Overalls are a look that skews young, however, we say it’s all about attitude and proper styling, so if you love ’em, rock ’em! We have some tips for doing it right if you’re over 25.

Wear them with heels. If you pair overalls with sneakers, you will look younger. Heels are the new, modern way to wear overalls and this helps keep the look from being too casual. We’re seeing them paired with stilettos and high-heeled sandals, however we say keep it more real for everyday with a dressy wedge or platform heel.

Pair with a dressy top. A silky blouse, floral print or brightly-colored knit will keep your look more chic and pulled together.

Roll the cuff. Depending on how “skinny” the cut of the denim is, a rolled cuff will update the look and give you a dose of effortless chic. Think boyfriend jeans with a top added.

Finishing touches. Wear make-up so people don’t think you’re in high school, especially if you look young for your age. We suggest wearing your hair in an up-do or top-knot to add sophistication. Complete the look with a statement designer handbag and great shoes.

What to avoid. No plaid shirts, gingham, or softball tees. No braids. No bare faces. No woven handbags. No Birkenstocks (even if the Olsen twins are wearing them and with socks no less… yuck). All of these things will make you look like you’re in high school or stuck in a ’70s-gone-wrong movie.

Important note: If you have a teenager who is rocking the overall look, you may want to take a pass. No one wants to be Regina George’s mom in Mean Girls, aka Amy Poehler, trying to hold on to their youth and hang out with their teen.

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10 responses to “Ask Our Style Techs | Too Old for Overalls?”

  1. Tammie says:

    Love it!

  2. susie says:

    I am 64 years old and just love love love the new skinny overalls. I am in terrific shape…however, I feel my age is a major concern. Need advice please

    • angela says:

      Overalls are definitely a more youthful look, however, if they suit your style and flatter your shape – go for it! We do have some tips to keep in mind as you shop for and style the overalls — 1) buy a pair that has a darker wash if you want denim or look for some in a dressier dark fabric to keep the look more sophisticated; 2) wear with a tailored shirt (avoid tank tops, tees, etc.); and 3) pair with a chunky heel or bootie (avoid sneakers). Let us know how you do! 🙂 xo MSL

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  4. Natalia says:

    What about overall shorts? I’m 37

  5. Carol says:

    I’m 58 years old. I love that overalls are making a comeback. Am I too old for them? I look younger then my age of 58.

    • angela says:

      If overalls fit your style and you feel confident in them, I say do it! Just avoid crop tops underneath and choose a pretty blouse or tailored top instead. 🙂 xo Angela

  6. LaShunda Byrd says:

    I’m 54 and I just brought myself a denim overall short skirt and I actually love it! I have looked at these overalls on and off for a few weeks and I thought maybe that was more of a youthful look… However I think with the right top it works just fine. Besides I feel great wearing it. It’s not a age thing it’s a comfort thing.

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