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I loved your Celebrate in Emerald Isle Style post on what to wear for St. Patty’s Day, however I have no idea how to style such a bright color. Can you please help me look cute in green without looking like a leprechaun? – Keri D.

Emerald green is a beautiful color, but it can sometimes be a little tricky to pair with other colors and style correctly. Here are some suggestions that will help you feel confident about wearing it.

– Keep the rest of your outfit simple. Don’t be too “matchy, matchy” and try to wear green earrings with a green dress. It’s generally best to limit green to one piece in your outfit.

– Choose very basic colors to compliment your green. Colors like navy, black, white, tan and grey are good choices and will typically balance out the look. For instance, if you’re wearing a green top and white jeans this spring, pair it with camel or nude shoes and subtle gold or silver jewelry. Since the attention will be on the green, the rest of your look should be very simple.


Shoes, Coclico // Top, Michael Kors // Jeans, Koral

– Limit your pattern choice if you’re nervous about the color. Smaller patterns and two-color patterns are better than a large-scale pattern in a dress or piece of clothing that covers a larger area of the body.

– Accessorize with earrings, a necklace, or a handbag if you don’t want draw too much attention to the color. Small pieces will add a nice touch to an outfit but won’t take over your look.



Bag, Alexander McQueen // Cuff, Nordstrom // Earrings, Nordstrom


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