Behind Every Great NFL Player is an Amazing Woman

One of the highly-anticipated events that happens each year during the week leading up to the Super Bowl is the Off the Field NFL Players’ Wives Fashion Show. Led by Off the Field president, Ericka Lassiter (her husband is Kwamie Lassiter formerly of the Arizona Cardinals), the official NFL wives organization puts on a lively show, from recognizing Women of Impact to rocking the runway in fashions from local retailers in the game’s host city. Since the 49th Super Bowl was in Arizona this year, Scottsdale Fashion Square hosted the event and MSL had the privilege of going behind the scenes and talking with a few of the ladies as they prepped for the show. They even shared some of their style and beauty tips!

Backstage, the wives get ready to walk the runway.

Off the Field fashion show 2015

FullSizeRender[6] 2L to R | Ketonya Bankston (husband Michael Bankston), Camille Jenkins (husband MarTay Jenkins) and Tiffany Starks (husband Max Starks) before the show.

MSL: Favorite Style or Beauty Tip?

Ketonya: Make your style personal! 

Camille: Don’t ever sleep with your makeup on! I keep my beauty routine simple and use coconut oil to moisturize — works beautifully.

Tiffany: Groomed eyebrows are key. If they’re looking good, I feel pulled together.

Beverly Lofton and daughter

Beverly Lofton (husband Hall of Famer James Lofton) and their daughter Rachel Lofton.

FullSizeRender 2

L to R | Julie Leach (husband Mike Leach), Nicole Cundiff (husband Billy Cundiff), and Rebecca Feely (husband Jay Feely).

MSL: Favorite Style or Beauty Tip?

Nicole: Drink a lot of water! It’s important to stay hydrated to plump your skin and look fresh. Plus, perk up your skin with bright lipstick. I especially love a great shade of pink.

Rebecca: I discovered this amazing concealer kit on Amazon with a dozen or so different shades. I use it to cover and contour my face — no foundation needed. The results are amazing! Pinterest has a ton of great tutorials where I found tips on how to contour properly. 

Ericka Lassiter and Romonda Jordan

Rowonda Jordan (husband Randy Jordan) and Ericka Lassiter, president of Off the Field (husband Kwamie Lassiter).

Nicole Cundiff and Manjanique Alexander

Nicole Cundiff and Manjanique Alexander (husband Lorenzo Alexander).

MSL: Favorite Style or Beauty Tip?

Manjanique: Less is more! Be yourself. Don’t leave home without applying your favorite lipstick and blush for a more polished look.


Nicole Cundiff and event emcee Teresa Strasser of The List on ABC.

Holly Robinson Peete Women of Impact Honoree

Actress Holly Robinson Peete accepting her Women of Impact Award.

Highlights from the Runway!


Shelby Wyman in Calypso St. Barth (husband Devin Wyman) and daughter Deaven.

Sherice Brown Off the Field fashion show 2015

Sherice Brown (husband Tim Brown) in a Diane von Furstenberg dress.

Erin Brown

Erin Brown in a Calypso St. Barth jumpsuit (husband Michael Brown) taking a selfie with the audience.


Gorgeous ladies in outfits from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Manjanique and Lorenzo Alexander

The Alexander Family takes to the runway.


Ketonya and Michael Bankston.

Subyn and Andre Wadsworth

Subyn (in Calypso St. Barth) and Andre Wadsworth.

Tiffany and Matt Starks Steelers

Tiffany (in a Ted Baker dress) and Max Starks.

Beverly and James Lofton Hall of Fame

Beverly and James Lofton, and their daughter Rachel Lofton.

Kwamie and Ericka Lassiter

Ericka and Kwamie Lassiter.


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