Better Than a Baby Bag


We’ve seen so many variations of the baby bag over the years, and it’s not often that we find one that fits the bill and exceeds our wildest, yet practical, fashion dreams. It’s pretty typical to run into the panicked prints of Vera Bradley walking the streets, or perhaps the reusable grocery bag doubling as mom’s tote for a trip to the mall. We literally cringe when we see a mini-backpack trying to make a comeback as an easy, breezy go-to piece…make it stop, moms. It can be so obvious that you’re carrying diapers and bottles, that quite often the cute outfit you put together is overshadowed by the statement bag that in this case, needs to make less of one.

That said, MSL has uncovered the best-looking baby bags in the marketplace today and we’re not above sharing this information with our fashion-forward followers out there. What are we coveting, you ask? The functional, yet incredibly chic Rebecca Minkoff collection of baby totes. It’s the lottery of diaper bags, where her infamously luxe designs have translated into a wearable yet spot-on way to carry it all for your kiddos. Most of her styles come in classic black, but she plays with color and texture in a couple of bags, making sure to reach her daring fans as well as the more conservative ones. It’s so incredible that a diaper bag can not only look fashionable filled with fresh-cut fruit and juice cups, but that it comes equipped with stroller straps and a changing pad. One of the best parts about what the genius Ms. Minkoff has done is that she’s offered us something we’ll continue to get street side mileage out of, year after year. It’s an investment piece for so many reasons, and we are thrilled our baby bag dreams have become a reality. Bottles up!





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