Blanket Ponchos: The New “It” Outerwear

blanket poncho celebsAll of the most stylish celebrities and street style stars are wearing it, so we have to have one, right?? The blanket poncho… it’s the new “it” outerwear piece of the season, and we can thank Burberry for starting the movement with the color-block version they gifted to VIP celebs. While the guys in our life may not be so hot on it, we have to admit, there’s something downright appealing about this cozy, warm, western-inspired wrap. And since when do guys understand fashion anyway?? All our girlfriends get why we need one and that’s what really matters.

Photo Source: & Photo Credits: Splash News Online, FameFlyNet, Getty, Pacific Coast News. 

Just make sure when you’re styling it to remember that it is VOLUMINOUS with a capital “V” and therefore your pants or skirt need to be fitted to have this look be flattering, and heels are a must unless you are six feet tall.

Now, the monogrammed Burberry Prorsum poncho featured on our favorite style stars above is near possible to get, at least in the personalized version. So we searched and found other worthy ponchos so you can embrace this new trend without breaking the bank.

blanket ponchos_0L to R | Club Monaco // Echo // Mango // Free People


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