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92nd Street Y Presents Sarah Jessica Parker In Conversation With Jonathan Tisch

Award-winning actress, household name and fashion icon, yet down-to-earth mother of three, Sarah Jessica Parker is everyone’s favorite fashionista to watch – what will she wear next?? From the Met Gala to her daily street style, SJP has a knack for dressing in a captivating and often eclectic manner that is so well-styled and yet still approachable at the same time. She never disappoints and gives off such a warm, carefree vibe (we want to say effortless style, but we’ll resist since the term is so overused) that we’re sure she is just as laid-back and friendly in person.

Married to Ferris Bueller, I mean Matthew Broderick… we simply adore Ferris… SJP and Matthew are one of those rare Hollywood couples that seem destined to be together forever. Both are dedicated to their craft, but it is obvious that family comes first. They are out in the public and visible (especially SJP  since we follow her every outfit and business venture), yet private as we feel like we know a lot about them, yet not really. A true lady and role model celebrity. We love you, SJP!!

The Tracy Reese dress she is wearing appears to be sold out, except in size 2, so if you’re a 2 grab it now! Here’s Mom Style Lab’s take on her look.

Sarah jessica parker_0

Dress, Taylor (Only $60 on Sale!) // Jacket, Halston Heritage // Shoes, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker // Necklace, Heather Hawkins




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