Christina’s Back-to-School Favs at the Nordstrom Sale


With great deals on brand-new fall styles, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the best time (and perfect excuse!) to do your kids’ back-to-school shopping. If you don’t feel like battling the crowds, online shopping in your cozies is the way to go and just return what doesn’t fit. Especially when we’re shopping for our kids — there’s so much more flexibility with the fit when it comes to clothing. What did we do before online shopping??!! Or, if you and your kids enjoy the process, it’s fun to make a day of it with a little shopping and lunch. Either way, it’s great to have the option and generally a good idea to go in with a plan of what you need or it’s easy to get carried away in the moment. Christina and I braved the crowds, but had fun carrying on our traditional mommy/daughter back-to-school shopping day. Building memories! Here are Christina’s favorite buys from the sale and her thoughts on why she chose them.



1 | “This boho dress is my favorite outfit that I bought — it is very colorful and I love the suede vest.”

2 | “This lightweight sweater is great for school — it’s longer in the back than the front and I like the mixed fabrics. Cute and it comes in three different color and print combinations!”

3 | “This Joe’s sweatshirt is so cool because I might want to be President some day. Girl Power!”

4 | “I love this Splendid faux fur vest — glamorous and it has a hood!”

5 | “Purple is one of my favorite colors and I need these Nike sneakers for my after school sports like tennis.”

6 |Jeggings are comfy and perfect for school because I can do anything in them. This brand fits great, is long enough for me, and holds up really well.”

7 | “This North Face jacket is so cozy and perfect for when it starts to cool down.”

8 | “I love the print of this woven dress and especially the fringe trim! Boho is big for fall.”

9 | “I have to wear sneakers every day for PE at school (no slip-ons!), but I also like to wear dresses a lot. These metallic high-tops from Skechers are perfect with jeans or dresses. I also like these from Michael Kors, but they run wide so may not work if you have narrow feet like me, but so cute.”

10 | “The ankle-wrap on these Primigi shoes reminds me of ballet slippers (I love anything ballet!) and the gold goes with a lot. Plus, I had them last year in bronze and they are so comfortable!”

11 | “I got one of these Zella Girl tunics in every color they had because they are great for layering and I love the hood!”

12 | “These knee-high boots are awesome! They look great with my boho dresses and jeans too.”

Plus, don’t forget to pick up essentials like socks and undies — on sale!

Have fun back-to-school shopping!!

Angela & Christina

3 responses to “Christina’s Back-to-School Favs at the Nordstrom Sale”

  1. Debra says:

    Wow! She got some cool and hip outfits.
    I wish I could shop for school again.

    • angela says:

      Thanks, Deb! And yes, back-to-school shopping is so much fun and Christina loves to choose her outfits — she has a good eye and knows her style. 🙂 xo Angela

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