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Who among us doesn’t love to receive diamond jewelry for a special occasion or a “just because” gift? Diamonds are special and meaningful, not to mention they are the ultimate classic gem and a great investment.  I wear my diamond stud earrings just about every single day, and my diamond wedding and anniversary rings only come off at night of course. Hmmmm… a diamond pendant or bracelet would be nice…. just sayin’. I do have a birthday coming up. Plus, since I’m an April baby, diamonds are my official birthstone, thus this is the only gem that will do.

To help out with my diamond fetish, Spence Diamonds has just opened their first store in Arizona at Scottsdale Quarter! So. Excited. And, I am thrilled to be a brand ambassador for Spence. Earlier today, I had the pleasure of attending the media preview right before the official grand opening and, wow, is it a beautiful store. Plus, they have a bar stocked with everything from champagne to whiskey. Spence wants to make sure that shopping for diamonds is a luxury experience on every level, whether you’re buying a $300 piece or an engagement ring. Love. And, the timing of their opening is impeccable with Valentine’s Day being next week and all.

If you aren’t familiar with Spence, they specialize in making “Spence Artisan-Created Diamonds” that are made from a ball of plasma vs. being mined from the Earth. What’s really important to know is that they are identical to mined diamonds in EVERY way, but created in a plasma chamber instead of being dug out of the ground. Spence Diamonds are physically, optically and chemically identical to the finest diamonds mined from the Earth, but substantially larger at any given price point. Okay, now I know I have your attention — with a diamond from Spence you not only get a much better quality diamond, but also a much LARGER diamond (usually by 20% or 30%, even in some cases 50%) for the same price. For example, when you get up to a 2+ carat mined diamond, the equivalent artisan stone will be 4 to 5 carats for the same cost. Wow. Check out this stunning 6+ carat ring I almost couldn’t get off my finger. (wink, wink)

This stunning six-carat Spence Artisan Diamond ring. #jewelrygoals

Oh, and this 18 carat tennis bracelet isn’t too shabby either. The more sparkle the better!

And, if we need one more reason to love Spence, Spence Artisan Diamonds are ethically produced. There’s no question where they were made or how they were mined — they are created right here in the USA. I should also point out that for those of you who prefer a mined diamond, Spence has them too. Either way, if you’re thinking about a diamond purchase, you need to go check out the store and understand what your options are and enjoy the Spence shopping experience.

In front of the newly-opened Spence — it’s right next to local favorite, Zinburger. For more details on my jacket, see an earlier outfit post.

The clean, modern look of the store showcases the brilliant diamonds.

The chic lounge area by the bar at Spence Scottsdale.

Happy Shopping!


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  1. […] The champagne was flowing and the high-wattage diamonds were sparkling at the Spence Diamonds’ grand opening party in Scottsdale Quarter last week. Lucky me, I got to wear several pieces made of stunning artisan diamonds to the event (love the perks of my job! see below photo), so I chose a can’t-go-wrong-ever LBD to provide a simple, elegant backdrop for the jewelry. What’s an artisan diamond, you ask? Essentially it’s a diamond created in a plasma chamber vs. being mined, but the two are identical in every way, except with an artisan diamond, you can request a specific quality and buy a larger stone for the same price. We also love that Spence creates and customizes each diamond for each individual upon order, so no one has ever even tried on your jewelry. Read our earlier post for more info. […]

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