Fab Finds | These Arm Tights are Brilliant!

What: Spanx Arm Tights

Why we love them:
Two words — coverage and versatility. We’ve been layering tops under sleeveless dresses for years to cover up our pale arms when our summer glow has worn off and we haven’t had time for a spray tan, or when our workout routine is in remission and our arm tone isn’t what it used to be…. Raise your hand if you’ve been horrified by a photo of you in a sleeveless garment and your arm looks 10 times larger than you swear it really is. Been there. Plus, by adding a top under a sleeveless dress you have a completely different look! Layering extends your wardrobe in a big way and is ideal for transitioning your favorite summer dress into fall. Now, the only problem with layering a top under a fitted dress is the bulk and bunching that you usually get. Ugh. Well, Spanx to the rescue! Founder Sara Blakely has done it again and this time she’s addressing “arm issues” with arm tights!! They are fitted and cropped (so no bunching) and specifically made for layering. Of course, the other important feature is that these beauties are slimming (!) — just like all Spanx products. This. Is. Big. We have them coming in every color.

How we styled them:

Top, Spanx // Dress, Iris & Ink // Boots, Stella McCartney // Handbag, Jil Sander


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