Fab Finds | This Hair Tool Delivers Amazing Results

What: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Why we love it: Yes, it’s expensive, but boy, it really IS an amazing hair dryer. It’s not only pretty and sleek, it actually drys your hair faster and smoother. And, it’s quiet — if your significant other is a quiet sleeper or you have a napping baby nearby you’ll really appreciate this feature! The extra attachments all pop on magnetically, so there’s no fiddling with them, plus it comes with a rubber mat to lay your dryer on so it doesn’t slip off the counter — brilliant! Especially after we just shelled out $400 on this pretty little item. We’ve been using our Dyson for about two months now and there’s no turning back. The bar has been raised. And, for those of us with long hair, we love that there’s no place for our hair to get sucked into the dryer! Like other Dyson products before it (we are big fans of their vacuums too), if you can swing it, this dryer is worth the high price tag.

A couple of our other hair “must-haves”: Mason Pearson brush, Living Proof Restore Shampoo and Drybar Southern Belle mousse!


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