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Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away and we have the perfect gift for that sweet girl in your life… a CHARM IT bracelet or necklace! My mini has loved collecting CHARM IT charms since she was four years old. Charm necklaces and bracelets are ideal gifts since you can personalize the charms to the wearer’s interests. And, CHARM IT has a huge selection of darling (and affordable!) charms for girls and tweens. The pieces are easy to clip on and take off, depending on what your girl wants to feature. One day, her necklace or bracelet can be worn fully loaded with charms, and the next day with just one or a few selected pieces.

CHARM IT sent us a necklace and two packets of charms that they had thoughtfully tailored to Christina’s interests, including a puppy and dance charm. (Our girl is always dancing!)They are well-made, adorable and make expressing yourself fun!

Styling Tip: Wearing an odd number of charms will provide a balanced look — i.e., 1 charm, 3 charms, 5 charms, etc. — and place your favorite charm in the middle to highlight it. Christina is wearing a silver chain featuring a unicorn charm, slice of pizza, rainbow, puppy, cell phone, dance heart and macarons — all are available on the CHARM IT website.

Bracelet gift set.

With prices ranging from $7 to $14 for a starter chain and just $6 for each charm, CHARM IT jewelry is affordable and makes a fantastic gift for your next kid birthday party. They also have themed gift sets with a chain and charms, including a dance-themed set, sweets set and more! Plus, for younger girls, CHARM IT has hair accessories as well.

A heartfelt thank you to CHARM IT for the gift!!

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