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Last year was a thought-provoking time in all of our lives to say the least. Seemingly overnight, the 2020 pandemic upended life as we know it and created what many people refer to now as “the new normal.” From travel to socializing, regular activities we take for granted came to a screeching halt, and how we shop changed dramatically. Online shopping surged and loungewear sales went through the roof.

Today, we are slowly climbing out of our pandemic state of mind, even if the world is technically still in the grips of it. We’re traveling and venturing out again. We’re optimistic and happy to be getting dressed to leave the house. However, how many of us look at fashion has changed.

While sustainability was starting to gain attention prior to 2020, consumers are now embracing the concept in a way that we haven’t seen before. We’re taking sustainability more seriously and considering where and how our clothes were made. Resale and consignment have become cool and also often preferred, especially when it comes to designer brands. We’re being more careful with how we spend our money and investing in fewer higher-quality items rather than a haul of fast fashion. There is also an undercurrent of emotions around “life is short and I’m just going to buy the bag.” Finally, the “wear what makes you feel good” mantra has grown from a dull roar to a loud one. The individualized wardrobe movement is happening, and we are here for it. These major consumer mindset shifts are driving what we buy and ultimately wear.

I recently appeared on a new show airing on Inspired Media 360 TV called “Inspired Living with Zenobia” to discuss all this, post-pandemic fashion trends and dish on styling tips & tricks!

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Luxury resale designer bags on Fashionphile.

Trend 1 | Sustainability

Sustainability in fashion means choosing brands that embrace sustainable practices, from manufacturing to packaging. It also means embracing secondhand and resale fashion. It has officially become cool to buy secondhand. Luxury goods and vintage in particular.

A few sites to check out if you’re buying or selling:

  • Fashionphile: This site’s focus is on luxury handbags, but also sells secondhand jewelry and accessories.
  • ThredUP: Something for every budget, it’s a huge online thrift and consignment shop with items ranging from affordable to luxury.
  • The Real Real: One of the original luxury consignment sites, this collection of bags, shoes and jewelry will have you swooning.
  • Vestiaire Collective: This site is a designer haven for luxury resale handbags, shoes and jewelry for both women and men. You’ll be drooling!
  • Luxury Garage Sale: Features secondhand clothing, bags and accessories from top luxury brands.
  • StockX: It started out with a focus on limited edition sneakers and has evolved to include designer bags, watches, streetwear and more.
  • Poshmark: Easy to use for buying and selling your fashion, beauty and home goods, the site stands behind what is sold and has excellent customer service. Items run the gamut from moderate to designer pieces.
THE designer bags of summer from Fashionphile.

Shop and sell sustainably in person at these local shops (or on their websites!):

Trend 2 | Individualized Wardrobe

Are you one to dress up or do you prefer to dress down? Both are in because it’s all about you! What makes you feel and look good? We are no longer taking direction from the fashion elites. Social media and the rise of the relatable “every girl” fashion influencer has changed our relationship with fashion trends. Take the trends you like and leave the rest behind. Dressed up and casual are both “in.” Elevating your casual wear by adding a jacket or sophisticated accessories (scarves, headbands, jewelry) is a great way to embrace both. Dresses and skirts with designer sneakers is another popular blend of the two styles.

All dressed up and gorgeous in Chanel.
Embrace your casual side in Daydreamer LA sets.

Trend 3 | Optimism

Bright colors, print and media mixes, playful cuts, glam fabrics — fashion is about having fun again. We’re seeing glimpses of the ’70s (wide-leg denim, scarf halter tops), the ’80s (neon brights, acid wash, volume), the ’90s (band tees, bike shorts, oversize tops), and Y2K fashion from the late ’90s/early 2000s (shiny fabrics, crop tops, baguette bags). This melting pot of decades all plays into the individualized wardrobe and “something for everyone” idea.

Brights, prints & mixed media all in one. Jacket, top & shorts, all by Farm Rio
This denim, wide-legged jumpsuit embraces the ’70s, boho vibe. Jumpsuit, Anthropologie
Band tees and bike shorts, the comfort set of the ’80s & ’90s. Tee & shorts, Daydreamer LA
Nothing screams ’80s like bright neon, “I’m with the band” ensembles. Dress & jacket, Alice + Olivia
Quintessential ’90s – slip dress, flannel and combat boots – and so of-the-moment now!
Ultra-feminine corset top and tulle skirt paired with edgy combat boots embrace ’90s and Y2K fashion.

Tips for Elevating a Casual Look:

  • Add a designer bag or accessory (scarf, jewelry, shoes).
  • Layer with a blazer or statement jacket.
  • Style with dressy shoe or sandal.
Add a designer scarf to instantly elevate your look. Scarf, Hermes
A black blazer over a white tee takes this outfit from plain to sophisticated.
Layering pieces like this blazer quickly dress up casual looks. Blazer, Veronica Beard
Add a belt to define your shape and give basics a whole new vibe. Belt, Free People
Statement accessories personalize and up level any look. Accessories, Lele Sadoughi
Statement earrings frame your face and add a pop of personality. Earrings, Lobe Love

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