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The holiday season is here – the busiest time of the year! Travel plans?? Packing for travel with kids represents a whole new challenge for moms. We used to travel all the time pre-kid and had it down to a science. Now with children in tow, traveling becomes more difficult in large part due to the sheer quantity of items and luggage. We also need to bring activities to ease our kids’ boredom, and depending on their age, race cars that move on airport carpet or a doll and accessories. Of course, there’s the always indispensable iPad — don’t leave home without it!

Over the last few years, we at MSL have had some “a-has” that we will pass on to hopefully help make it easier to pack a workable, chic wardrobe for your next trip. After all, the more streamlined your own packing job is, the easier it will be to juggle all the necessary extras your family will have in tow. Not to mention the fact that it will take the stress out of dressing according to activity once you’re on location.

-Choose a base color palette. Black always works well – black shorts, black dress, black skirt, black jacket, etc. And most importantly, black doesn’t show dirt or markers or juice spills. You can get multiple wears out of black – key to an edited vacation wardrobe. Add color through tops and jewelry.

-Multiple-use pieces.  For instance, a top that doubles as a swimsuit cover-up or a shirt with shorts. A tunic that works over skinny jeans, shorts or your swimsuit during the day, then transitions into night with heels and glamorous jewelry. If you’re off to a cold climate, a jacket that works during the day, then layers over your cocktail dress at night or under a heavier wool coat if it’s really cold out. Think carefully about your destination and what you’ll really need.

-Think about fabric. Cotton/rayon blends don’t wrinkle as easily. Jerseys are wonderful and flattering to the figure. Denim with some stretch is always a great choice as you can wear multiple times and the shape holds. Cashmere doesn’t wrinkle easily and breathes. Unless you’re prepared to pack that hand steamer, think wisely moms.

Nude shoes are a must. They go with just about everything. Most shoes are bulky so by focusing on shoes that work with most of your outfits you will save space. Metallic gold or silver can be another great neutral choice. Of course, trusty black goes with most outfits as well. In addition, choose shoe styles that can potentially move from day to evening and will work with the majority of your activities.

Statement jewelry. A few key pieces of jewelry will take outfits from “blah” to “wow!” – like a statement pendant, a gold cuff or chandelier earrings. Pick about five pieces that work with multiple looks, day to evening.

Get away with one handbag. Black or camel are the best choices. Camel (or cognac) in particular go with everything. You could throw in a small evening bag if you think you’ll need it – gold or silver metallic are also great neutrals and add sparkle.

-Minimize toiletries. Only bring what you really need. Sonya Dakar has a great “Jet Set” kit – we at MSL love her products! Don’t forget the dry shampoo so you can go longer between washes! Oscar Blandi makes one with no white residue – our personal fav. This is a must-have for moms, period.

Happy Travels!


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