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Single mom extraordinaire, Lauren Blumber is the founder and owner of SKIN beYOUtiful Sophisticated Skincare in Scottsdale, Arizona, a by-appointment-only company with the slogan, “Not all facials are created equal.” Offering a skincare concept that is both effective and results-driven, she tries to use only the best anti-aging technologies, top-of-the-line products and simultaneously create treatments that are restorative, pampering and holistic. Not only does Lauren work hard to cater to her private clientele, but she also balances her most important job as mom to 6 1/2 year old son, Winston. When she’s not at her office, she’s on complete “Winston duty” and the two are inseparable. Additionally, Lauren loves to run, practice yoga, travel and cook, all of which she attempts to squeeze into what she calls “no free time.”

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Q:  What best describes your style?

Timeless. I love fashion, but being a MOM (a single one, at that) doesn’t allow for me to indulge in the fashion world like I used to. I always say I’m trading my Louboutin days for private school tuition – and it is worth every single penny. With that being said, a girl still has to feel good. So when I do, I buy timeless pieces that will last, and that does includes shoes. I also generally wear a pretty neutral palate. I just adore wearing white in winter. Luckily in Arizona, we can get away with whites and creams all year round. I was born and raised in New Jersey where white after Labor Day is NOT allowed, so it feels good to break the rules!!!

Q:  What’s the one item in your closet you can’t live without, that you feel both chic and comfortable in?

Anything VINCE. Whether it’s a silk top, a cotton shirt or a dress, they are versatile for day and night – and always work. Oh, and I LOVE their pants too. And their color palate is black or navy, and they have recently lightened up into the blush world.

Q:  What inspired you to start a skin care business?

I have an 11-year history with skin care. I LOVE what I do. When you do something you truly love, it never feels like work. Once I became a mom, there wasn’t the option of not having my own business. My time demands as a single mom were just too great. So, not only do I look forward to going into my office every single day, I make my own schedule and answer to no one else but me. My clients know that on at any given day I can be dressed up with mascara on OR I am clad head to toe in Lululemon with my hair pulled back into a bun, my glasses on and sporting TOMS and some mala beads. We call that “soul fashion” in our world, ha!

Q:  Developing a unique style sometimes comes at an early age for children. Do you let your child have control over what they put on? How do you talk about getting dressed with your little one?

Winston has an a-mazing wardrobe. It has always been a delight and almost a hobby to dress him. As he gets older, he has been wanting to wear “sport clothes” every day (when he’s not in a school uniform and/or a sports uniform). And so, I let him. I have to. I encourage him to try and match colors and he totally does. It’s so cute! I have to accept his choices – it makes him very proud. (In case you are wondering, sport clothes are basketball shorts and a t-shirt.) You can only imagine how I feel, but I give him cute ones to choose from (soft, yummy burn-out tees) and he knows that a button-down shirt and nice slacks are necessary and appropriate sometimes. I get to dress him for Sunday brunch — it’s our little weekly date. Winston and I have a fun synergy when it comes to dressing him – so we meet in the middle and have fun with it. He does have a shoe obsession, NIKE Frees to be precise.

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Q:  How does the city you live in influence how you dress for the day and/or night?

Scottsdale/Phoenix is so casual and so easy. It’s like 365 days of resort casual meets Barneys meets Lululemon meets dress-to-not-overheat. I grew up on the East Coast and so the fashion flair here is minimal and different in comparison to back there; but our little city can dress to impress – and both the girls and guys do. Our weather is so fair… you can really have fun with layers and stay pretty comfortable.

Q:  What is the biggest fashion “don’t” in your opinion?

I’m not sure if this classifies as a fashion “don’t,” but the way I see it, when you are dressed and done and ready to face the world, it all counts, from head to toe, and that includes your skin. It makes me sad to see women in amazing clothes with an unfortunate complexion. You don’t need to have it. I can’t tell you how many clients I have taken away from caked-on makeup to owning a natural skin foundation (aka, no makeup) with just a little dust of powder.

Q:  What’s your best style advice for other working moms out there?

Dress to be comfortable, but feel good in it. Leave the house feeling confident and owning your style. Buy pieces that are interchangeable and can be dressed up or down. Accessorize. It makes all the difference in the world.


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  1. Lauri says:

    She’s lovely. Great article.

  2. Jim says:

    Lauren has a great touch and is a real professional with all she does! I would highly recommend her.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Lauren and I started skin care together and she was an entrepreneur from the very beginning! We use to dream about building a spa. Lauren is a natural giver and she gives herself 100.% to man kind and her community. And she gives great facials!

  4. Kym says:

    Lauren is a true professional in skin care…she is passionate about skin/wellness and cares about making others feel beautiful! She is very inspiring for others and her energy is infectious! She is a must see for treating skin from the inside-out.

  5. Victoria says:

    Lauren is great at whatever she does! She knows skin care because it is her passion and who better to help with that? Lovely article and such sweet photos.

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