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The quintessential mompreneur, Nadine Bubeck thrives on being busy and juggling the many roles she plays in her career and at home. This mom of two boys – Nicholas (3) and Zachary (18 months old) – has an endless list of talents and titles, including multimedia personality, fashion designer, March of Dimes advocate, author, blogger, PR pro, keynote speaker, and her most important role, blessed boy mom.


Nadine and Nicholas.


With her husband Nate.

After spending her career in the public eye for over seven years as a TV reporter and news anchor in Arizona and California, Nadine welcomed her first son and made the decision to transition her career to one where she could work at home and put her family first. Since then, she has parlayed her on-air and writing skills into her current role as a parenting expert / contributor. Nadine regularly appears on TV shows to share her must-have mom essentials and provide every day parenting tips. In addition, she shares her expertise on a variety of blogs, websites and publications, and is often utilized as a contributor for motherhood magazines and websites. She has also been an ambassador and keynote speaker for the Disney Social Media Moms movement.


On-air talking about breastfeeding.


On set in front of the green screen during her broadcast days.

If this list isn’t impressive enough, Nadine is the author of “Expecting Perfect: My Bumpy Journey to Mommyhood” — her completely candid pregnancy journal. She penned her “dear diary” book to prove that even a bumpy journey can be beautiful with the idea that women should embrace imperfection.

This high-energy mompreneur didn’t stop there! Nadine is also the founder and owner of All Things Mama Media, LLC, the parent company for Mama B. Designs, All Things Mama TV, and more. All Things Mama TV serves as a personal digital platform to share her “favorite things” and discuss parenting trends; is a website that caters to, well, boy moms. Yes, she has built a boy-mom hub and community, and is a go-to media resource for everything motherhood.

After dealing with her own challenges of getting dressed in something other than yoga pants in the morning, Nadine launched Mama B. Designs — her boutique apparel brand for women, men and kids — in 2016. And, since she is passionate about paying it forward, she created a Mama B. Miracle Line to benefit March of Dimes, a foundation dear to Nadine’s heart. Her first-born son was a preemie. For every item purchased, 50% of each shirt benefits the organization that funds prematurity awareness, education and research. More on this awesome collection below. We can’t wait to see what Nadine has up her sleeve next!


Nadine and Zachary sporting their cute Mama B. tees. Photo Credit: The Good Vibe Media

Q: Describe your style in five words or less.
– Comfortable (So I can run after my boys)
– Tailored (I like things fitted)
– Affordable (I don’t like to splurge)
– Trendy (I try to keep up with what’s hot)
– Original (But I still have a sense of individuality and originality)

Q: You began your career as a TV anchor. What inspired you to switch to a work-from-home mompreneur?
I loved working in TV. I loved the fast pace, exciting atmosphere. I loved the on-air comradery. I loved the challenge of being “on” for hours at a time. It’s still in my heart, but my heart has shifted. Ever since having my first son, I realized my job didn’t define me. Instead, I wanted to explore fulfilling other passions, while being around, available and flexible as a mother.

From a personal standpoint, I was overcome with the magnitude of motherhood and didn’t want to miss a thing. And so, I sought entrepreneurial endeavors — I published my pregnancy journal and marketed it around the country. I started contributing to numerous publications and websites — I love to write. I launched All Things Mama TV and, my online hub/blog for parenting trends and insight, and I began doing PR.

Now, I have two sons, and I’m thrilled to be so present in their every day lives. In fact, they inspired me to launch Mama B. Designs — my boutique apparel line for women, men and kids.

All in all, I’m just a mom doing the best I can. I am trying to honor my entrepreneurial spirit while balancing the beauty of motherhood. It’s a constant juggle, but one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Q: Most memorable moment of your career so far?
That’s a very hard question. I’ve been fortunate to report on surf competitions in San Diego and interview a handful of celebs in Phoenix. Referring to my reporting days, my most memorable story was during my first TV job in Yuma. (Yes, Yuma.) My news director sent me on assignment to Cherry Point, North Carolina. It was the first time Yuma marines were training on a non-US war ship and I got to tag along. I took a Royal Navy Carrier somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and landed on the HMS Illustrious, a Royal Navy carrier. There, I spent two nights aboard the ship… in sandals. (Admittedly, at the time, fashion came first.)


Reporting from Celebrity Fight Night.


Interviewing singer Bret Michaels.


Hanging out with the renowned brother-sister singing duo, Donny & Marie.

Other notable career milestones include the day I saw my book in print. It was a really bizarre feeling — scary, exciting and gratifying all at the same time. And most recently, when I sealed the deal with March of Dimes. I am overly thrilled that Mama B. Designs is now an official partner of March of Dimes, donating 50% of each Miracle Line item sold. After a rocky pregnancy, my first son was born premature, and I am so fortunate he only spent seven nights in the NICU. Because I am so thankful, I am trying to pay it forward – March of Dimes aims to give every baby a fighting chance.

Q: Tell us more about Mama B. Designs and your long-term goals for the business.
I started Mama B. Designs for a few reasons. First, I love fashion, but ever since becoming a mom, my stiletto-and-dress attire has transitioned to yoga clothes (and I don’t work out). And so, I wanted to create fun and stylish tanks, tops and tees that are quality, cool, comfortable and affordable. My boys are my inspiration. I want to make them proud. I want to instill in them the drive to pursue their dreams. I want to lead by example; that mama can “mother” as well as run a business.

I’m so proud that our Mama B. mission is all about giving back. Our Mama B. Miracle Line directly benefits March of Dimes; consider our clothes a stylish way to spread prematurity awareness. Plus, it’s a cause dear to my heart. We offer plenty of style options for women, men and kids, available in an array of color combos. A substantial 50% of all net proceeds per item goes to March of Dimes. In addition to our Miracle Line, we offer plenty more designs moms will find fun!

My hope? That Mama B. becomes a staple in everyone’s closet! Here are just a few of the darling tees that can be purchased on the Mama B. website.






Photo Credit: The Good Vibe Media

Q: What is your favorite part about being a mom? Biggest challenge?
Favorite? That’s a hard question, and so I’ll say the first thing that comes to mind: the unconditional love. My boys love me ALWAYS. With no make-up and at my worst. They always want to hug, snuggle and play with me. No doubt, they’re mama’s boys. And, the fact that they’ve taught me something I never thought possible — that you can love something so much it actually hurts (in a good way). I’ve learned perspective. I’ve learned patience. I’ve reconnected with my inner child. Being a mom is the greatest gift in the world. And I mean it.

The biggest challenge…there are so many (ha!). I would say mom guilt. I take on a lot and it’s a constant balancing act. Sometimes I feel like the only “me time” is at 10:00 pm when the boys finally fall asleep, and by that time, I’m so exhausted that I crash. As moms, we are all just doing the best we can, learning as we go, and putting a front on Facebook that we’re flawless — but truth is, it’s hard. My boys are my world and I try to give them my all 100% of the time, but that’s nearly impossible. And so, we have figured out a healthy balance.


Photo Credit: Marisa Belle Photography

I work from home, in addition to running a company, blogging and taking on other entrepreneurial projects — this “stuff” has become my passion and vice. These things help me maintain my sense of self. (Which is VERY important.) With that being said, I will drop anything at any time of day to play with my kids. I’m all for taking breaks, being flexible, and refocusing my attention when need be. My sons come first.

Work wise, I fit a LOT into nap time, and I also find myself working at 3:00 am… that way, I’m able to spend quality time with my boys without interruption. Plus, we have a steady routine. We get out of the house every day. (And preschool three mornings a week is a lifesaver!) They “help” me around the house (my sons like to “Swiffer” and unload the dishwasher). And they have learned to entertain one another. To me, juggling is a joint effort. While my husband is at work, my boys and I are a team. I like the noise. I like the chaos. I like the snuggle breaks. They really are my favorite people in the world.

Q: Has your personal style changed since you became a mom?
UM… YES! I used to get ready every day, and now, “getting ready” is only on occasion. My showers are quick because I need to get the boys fed, dressed, etc. and I’ve mastered the five-minute, half-ass make-up application. I used to wear heels and now I’m all about flats. I used to wear dresses, and now I wear comfy clothes. Trust me, I TRY to still stay on trend, but it’s tough!!

Q: What’s the one item in your closet you can’t live without?
It’s around my neck. My gold Helen Ficalora initial tag necklace equipped with a “N” and a “Z.” I never take it off and it has yet to tarnish.

Q: Fashion often comes with a price tag stigma. Do you have any advice for moms who have Jimmy Choo dreams, but a Target budget?
I live on a Ross budget. In fact, I hate spending money!! I have never been a big brand person, so I suppose that’s my biggest piece of advice — forget the label and opt for what looks and feels good. I’m telling you — there are amazing finds at Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc. These are my stores! (I’ll even admit to buying a shirt from WALGREENS!) Seriously though, take the time to scour discount stores. There are gems to be found!

Q: A beauty secret you are willing to share?
I’m really not into beauty items. I never have been. That’s more of my sister’s forte. And so, I’ll share what she would say: find a good moisturizer.

Q: What’s your best style advice for other moms out there?
On the days you do “get dressed,” (moms — you know what I’m saying!) take selfies with your kids. Half of my pictures are with no make-up and yoga clothes, so I savor the pictures I have looking good.


Looking stunning on her wedding day.

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