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Living the simple life, a more carefree existence, is something that many of us think and dream about… but, it’s a difficult thing to do in our fast-paced, plugged-in, “always on” world. We admire how Rachel Garahan has made it a point to incorporate being carefree and fluid into her day-to-day life and work. Recently, she even picked up and moved with her family to an exotic beach in Central America for a few months, far away from their everyday life. Okay, so maybe we can’t all go away for a few months, but this year is a new year and we are all about embracing more Zen and mindfulness.

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In addition to being mom to 17-month-old Benjamin River, Rachel is an art director, creative consultant, blogger, photographer and, most recently, the author of A Beauty Collected. A Beauty Collected is a new take on a children’s ABC picture book, inspiring people of all ages to connect with the beauty found in nature. (A great gift idea!) Rachel dedicated the book to her young son and the gorgeous photos were taken throughout her extensive travels, as well as in her own backyard. Yes, this mom is brimming with creative talent!

A few sample pages from A Beauty Collected.

As a creative consultant, Rachel spends her days helping individuals and brands in the lifestyle and wellness industry bring their ideas to life. From goal development and focus to branding and design, she provides direction through her holistic process.

A strong believer in journaling, Rachel’s bohemian lifestyle blog, One Part Gypsy, centers on Rachel’s musings about her own life and includes resources for boho style, travel, eating healthy and boosting your own creative spirit. Definitely check it out!

Photo Credit: Jen Simon

Rachel lives with her husband, son, and two dogs in beautiful Ojai, California. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we are off to meditate on how we are going to put some of Rachel’s ideas into practice and simplify. Maybe we’ll even turn off our cell phone.

Photo Credit: Jen Simon

MSL: Describe your style in five words or less.
Comfortable, unfussy, breezy, simple.

MSL: What originally inspired you to become a photographer? 
I spent two years traveling through Australia and was so enthralled with the landscape and people. I wanted to capture the spirit of the place and the journey. It was all on film, and many of the images I never saw until I got home!

Photo Credit: Rachel Garahan

Photo Credit: Jen Simon

MSL: Tell us about the most exciting shoot or project you’ve ever worked on.
Several years ago, I worked as the creative director on the album cover, SNL performance, music videos and several magazine covers for an emerging artist. I got to work with the very best talent in the industry, and it was the first time I’d ever been exposed to that type of large-scale commercial project. It was so incredible to see how how the pieces fit together and have a say in everything from what the extras were wearing to how the music videos were edited. At the time, I didn’t even know this role existed! Ultimately working in entertainment proved to be higher stress level than I was interested in, but the experience was very cool.

MSL: You love to travel and have had a number of unique experiences. Which trip stands out as your favorite?
Each trip has served as a really special and unique moment in time. When I was 18, traveling through Australia — this was my first time away from home, finding myself as an adult. It was on a month-long camping trip up the California coast that I knew I loved my (now) husband. Later, driving across the country with my best girlfriend was the craziest and funniest adventure — it’s something I recommend everyone do! And most recently, living on the beach in Nicaragua for two months with my husband, five-month-old son and two pups was life changing and a time I’ll always cherish.

Photo Credits: Jen Simon

MSL: We simply love your kids’ book, A Beauty Collected. What made you decide to write it?
Thank you! It all comes back to a quote I have in the front of the book, “if you can’t name things, how can you know them?” Recognizing the world around us helps us to tune in to our surroundings and be more present. I wanted my son to know about the world around him, to love it, and nurture it.

MSL: What is your favorite part about being a mom so far? Biggest challenge?
I love being silly with Ben. He is an easily delighted babe and makes everything so much fun. The biggest challenge has been finding time for everything — family, work, self-care and creative ventures without burning out!

MSL:  Has your style changed since you became a mom?
Nope, I pretty much wear the same uniform of a jumper, overalls or jean shorts with Birkinstocks! I guess the dried Cheerio crumbs I occasionally find stuck to myself are an addition.

Photo Credits: Jen Simon

MSL: What’s the one item in your closet you can’t live without?
This black jumper I got on the boardwalk in Venice (California). It’s so comfortable and still looks chic. I basically live in it!

MSL: What’s your best style advice for other moms out there?
Keep it simple… and don’t wear sweats out of the house!

Photo Credit: Jen Simon


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  1. Loved this interview! What an inspirational woman who really walks the talk!

  2. Super Mommy says:

    Thank you for your fashion tips! Really loved them. Along with this, I request you to write some beauty tips as well so that we can follow your advice eg
    I am waiting to read your next blog 🙂

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