Sunny Days Ahead Require Cute Hats (Under $100!)

We’re counting down the days until summer vacation starts and pool season officially arrives. Hats have thankfully become a must-have accessory in our warm-weather wardrobe. After all, it’s a fact that too much sun exposure plays a major role in aging our skin. Not only are the right sunhats super chic, they also help fend off wrinkles, sun spots and skin cancer on our face better than any product can. Of course, both a hat AND sunscreen are critical, but there’s no substitute for simply covering up. We went on the hunt for the cutest hats under $100 and here’s what we found.

1. Aqua at Bloomingdale’s (classic & elegant) // 2. Kate Spade New York (nothing says summer like gingham) // 3. L*Space (how cute are these tassels?!) // 4. BP at Nordstrom (oh-so-Instagramable & a steal at $25!) // 5. Kate Spade New York (this flower is the perfect romantic touch) // 6. Madewell (packable & comes in two colors – only $38!) // 7. Steve Madden (love the embellishments — just $48)


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